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Home Food Composting - Garbage Removal

Isn’t it a shame to see all the spoiled food in your refrigerator go to waste? You probably feel bad enough for not eating those tasty leftovers, so, instead of throwing them in the garbage, you might consider home food composting.

This is an effective way of limiting waste in local landfills, while taking a more eco-friendly approach to everyday living. Home food composting is easy and can benefit both you and the environment. If you are interested in engaging in this increasingly popular activity, here is some information.

Know Your Locality’s Stance On Food Composting

You might not want to gather together a compost pile before you consider local laws. Some areas forbid composting food because they believe it to be unsanitary, citing that it attracts various animals or bugs. Other areas are very much accepting of home food composting, and will even provide curbside service. Check with local resources to find out what the laws are in your area.

How To Store Food Compost

Compost can be stored in a number of ways. The following are a few:

– Compost Pail: This is a way to keep food compost in the house before dumping it into a bucket or compost pile. Some companies offer airtight pails specifically for this purpose.

– Compost Buckets: You can throw all of your food waste into a large bucket and let the food decompose. It always helps to add in dirt, leaves, mulch, or other natural substances to speed up the decomposition process.

– Compost Pile: Board up an area of the yard and stack your food compost there until it breaks down.

Some Foods You Can Compost:

– Fruits and vegetables

– Grains

– Egg shells

– Coffee grounds and filters

– Expired boxed foods

Foods To Avoid Composting

– Meat or meat byproduct

– Fish

– Dairy products

– Greases and oils

Find A Resource On Home Food Composting

There are a number of garbage removal experts who can help you clear away waste that you do not compost. When you need to get a hold of them, try using TalkLocal. We will connect with someone who can help you right away.

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