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Self Storage Climate Control - Moving and Storage

You probably have a wide variety of things you wouldn’t mind storing outside of your home or office. In a culture centered on clutter, you are certainly not alone. Self storage units are perfect for such scenarios. For a small fee, you have access to off-premises storage space in which you can stow things you do not often use.

However, some things you are looking to store might require a certain environment, especially regarding the temperature. Whether it is photographs or paintings, to food and wine, some items can be spoiled or ruined with extreme temperatures. That is where self storage climate control comes in.

While storage facilities which offer climate control might be a hair more expensive, they give you peace of mind that your valuables are not frying or freezing in harsh temperatures.

Risks Of Storing Items In Extreme Temperatures

If your storage facility is consistently too hot or cold, you could run the risk of:

          – Mold and mildew growth

          – Damage to items, like cracking or warping due to melting

          – Freezing

          – Rust

          – Corrosion

What Is The Ideal Temperature?

Self storage climate control might not even be necessary in some areas. A storage unit with climate control can be programmed to maintain temperatures between roughly 60 and 80 degrees. This is achieved through a central air system like you would find in your home.

If you live in a climate where it doesn’t get too hot and does not often freeze, you might in the clear. Because that weather certainly sounds too good to be true, most people still could benefit from such a storage facility.

Some Things That Should Be Kept In Self Storage Climate Control

More items than you might think require a certain temperature. Here are just a few:

          – Valuable family heirlooms

          – Paintings

          – Food

          – Some clothing

          – Photos

          – Electronic equipment (TVs, DVD players, digital cameras, etc.)

Having Trouble Finding A Facility?

Not all storage facilities offer climate control. Don’t worry, TalkLocal will help you instantly skip over those that don’t and connect you with those that do. The search process no longer has to take you days. Try it now!

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