Storage Facilities For RVs

Storage Facilities For RVs - Moving and Storage

It can be incredibly enjoyable to own an RV — but not so much when you aren’t on the open road. Finding a place to store these mammoth vehicles can be a pain in the neck. You don’t want such a huge monstrosity occupying your driveway all year. Luckily, just as there are storage facilities for wine, you can also find storage facilities for RVs. Often, property that houses storage garages set aside space just for RVs.

Before you go out shopping for storage facilities for RVs, consider some of the following factors.

Indoor Or Outdoor Storage

You should start by determining whether you want to store your RV inside or outside. Parking your RV outdoors requires less accommodation on behalf of the storage facility, and, therefore, it will be cheaper. However, if you would like to protect your RV from the elements, indoor storage is the way to go.

Indoor Storage

Get precise measurements for your RV so that you can shop for a storage garage which can appropriately contain it. Make sure to give yourself a significant amount of extra space so you can maneuver the RV and walk around in the garage. Also, determine if the indoor facility has hookups for electric or sanitation. Many RVs need to be plugged in while not is use to keep their electrical components intact.

Outdoor Storage

You will still want to measure your RV so that you can give accurate dimensions to the storage facility. Once parked, cover the RV with a tarp or other protective barrier to shield it from the elements. Electrical and sanitation hookups are also sometimes available in outdoor settings, as well.

Have The Proper Documentation On Hand

The storage facility wants to know that you legally own the RV. For that reason, be prepared to show your registration and proof of insurance. The insurance is key, because many facilities do not cover RVs under their own insurance policy.

Also, make sure that your license plate and tags are up-to-date. This is another requirement for many facilities which house RVs.

Find A Storage Facility Near You

If you are looking for storage facilities for RVs or any other items, TalkLocal can help. You can skip the old dance of searching in the phonebook and simply type in what you’re looking for. We’ll hook you up with someone who can help instantly!

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