Storage Facilities For Wine

Storage Facilities For Wine - Moving and Storage

Nothing beats a glass of fine wine. For that reason, you might have numerous bottles laying around your own home. Wine connoisseurs will tell you that the older wine gets, the more valuable it can be. For that reason, many wine collectors do not crack into their bottles immediately.

At the same time, not everyone lives in a home that can accommodate a wine cellar, leaving wine lovers like yourself in need of storage facilities for wine.

It might sound odd, but storage facilities for wine – and nothing else — have cropped up around the nation, catering to hardcore wine collectors. These are a lot different from typical storage units, as the conditions are perfected for storing wine.

When storing wine, you must be conscious of:


Wine is extremely sensitive to its surrounding temperature. Most wine enthusiasts have agreed that storing wine at 55 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Anything above 70 degrees can damage the wine, while anything colder than 45 degrees could present a freezing risk. Storage facilities for wine design their facilities around this notion and allow you to store your wine at a temperature that will seal in the most flavorful taste.

Temperature Changes

Even major shifts in temperature can make a bottle of wine expand and contract, loosening the cork and allowing air to enter in. This damages wine in a very bad way. Facilities devoted to storing wine should keep the temperature at a consistent level, unlike other storage facilities which may not even offer climate control.


Artificial light can cause fading on a wine label, and ultra-violet rays from sunlight can damage wine. Make sure to choose a facility that stores wine in a dark climate, which is preferred by all wine lovers.

Storage Position

Even the position in which a bottle of wine is stored plays a factor in preserving it. It is important to store wine sideways so that some of the wine is touching the cork at all times. This prevents the cork from drying out and losing its seal. The ideal storage facility for wine offers racks in which you can store your wine in the proper position.

Not Sure Where To Find A Storage Facility For Your Wine?

Clearly, these wine-specific storage facilities are not as common as general storage facilities, but they are out there. TalkLocal can help you find them with a few clicks of the mouse. We make any search ultra-easy, and free.

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