Ideas For Remodeling A Basement: Wall Decor

Ideas For Remodeling A Basement: Wall Decor - Painters

Remodeling a basement involves a lot of work. Picking out the style is fun, but putting it together can be a different story. When all of the tough stuff — putting down flooring, wiring for electricity, figuring out the plumbing — is said and done, you get to go back to the fun stuff: wall décor. Some of your ideas for remodeling a basement might include different wall décor possibilities, all of which allow you to exercise your creativity.

Some ideas for remodeling a basement include:

Painting the walls: When you are in a basement, you are most likely not going to have windows (definitely not large windows) to let in a lot of natural light. To avoid being overwhelmed by unnatural lighting or feeling like the room is too dark, try to pick out lighter colors. Lighter colors of paint will automatically lighten the room and help you feel more comfortable. If you’re dead set on using your favorite color, and that happens to be darker, try to use it as an accent and keep the lighter colors around.

Wallpaper: If you are using patterned wallpaper, make sure it isn’t overwhelming compared to the space of the basement. Being in a small basement surrounded by checkerboard might sound cool at first, but it may make you feel dizzy when all is said and done. Try to pick patterns that are aesthetically pleasing and make the room feel larger and more open.

Hanging artwork: Picking out wall décor to hang is always fun. When you’ve got a theme in mind, you’ll have a great time going to town at the mall and finding that piece of art that suits perfectly. When shopping, keep in mind the dimensions of your basement and try not to clutter the walls. Go for smaller pieces if you want multiples on one wall, or perhaps one larger piece with smaller accent pieces on opposite walls. Floating shelves also make great décor, and they allow the freedom to add whatever you choose and even make affordable changes to the theme as time goes by.

Find Help For The Project

Picking out décor is fun, but you may find you would like some help when it comes to actually securing it to the wall. For that, or other questions, TalkLocal can connect you with the professionals in your area who can help.

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