What Does Lean Mean?

What Does Lean Mean? - Personal Trainers

In the world of health and fitness, you may have heard the term “lean” being thrown around, but what does lean mean?

It really depends on the context. You may hear someone talk about wanting to only eat lean meats or foods, or you may hear someone say that they want lean muscle mass rather than to bulk up.

Trying to build lots of muscle and trying to trim down fat don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, and it is important that you know the context and to consult a personal trainer prior to following anyone else’s regimen.


In terms of eating lean meats, this generally means little to no red meat, as red meat (such as beef) usually has more fat. Venison (deer) and other wild game meats are considered lean. Eating lean meat will provide a person with the same (or more) protein as fattier meat without all of the bad fat. Typically, those eating lean eat this way in order to feel full and lose weight.


There are often two types of people at the gym: those who want to lose fat and be small, and those who want to lose fat and gain lots of muscle. Although both are technically “lean” (not having much fat), the term is generally associated with the former.

To garner a lean build, most men and women emphasize cardiovascular (running, aerobics, etc.) workouts in addition to some strength training. On the other side of the coin, if you were looking to bulk up and really build a lot of muscle, you would focus more on weight lifting and less on cardiovascular work.

Still Lost? Find A Local Resource

If you still don’t fully understand the answer to the question: What does lean mean? then that’s okay. There are professionals available to help with all your diet and fitness needs. It is important to consult these professionals because, while you may be dropping weight, you could be losing both fat and muscle depending on your diet.

Only a professional can tell you if you are eating properly and exercising correctly in order to reach your goal. TalkLocal can find a personal trainer in your area at no cost to you. Our service is very easy, and you will be speaking with a professional in minutes.

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