New Home Upgrade Tips

New Home Upgrade Tips - Real Estate

Whether you are building a home, or inheriting a new one, it never hurts to consider possible upgrades to the house. Many contractors offer so many upgrades, it can be overwhelming deciding which to choose, if any. Here are five new home upgrade tips to keep in mind to protect your wallet and your investment:

Resale Value

Consider the desirability of the home to buyers other than yourself. Not everyone may be a fan of elaborate, ornate crown molding throughout the house. As a rule, the more bedrooms, the better. If you can manage to slip another half bathroom into a level, your resale value will increase dramatically.


Even if this home is your dream home, you may not be able to afford your whole dream right now. Prioritize upgrades in the order of which they must be done while the home is under construction (i.e. floor outlets, wiring for extra lights, etc.). Distinguish which upgrades can be added later (screened in porch, elaborate patio, etc.).


Consider the part of the home that matters most to you. For example, if you enjoy cooking, you may want to focus your upgrades in the kitchen. This will keep your cost down but still give your home that “dream home” quality.

Price Check

You can’t discuss new home upgrade tips without addressing personal budgets. Upgrades often come with a high price. Check the cost of hiring a contractor to install the upgrades after the home is built.

Provide Materials

Some contractors will allow you to purchase materials yourself. For example, perhaps the price they quoted for hardwood floors is higher than comparable flooring you found at a retail store. Purchase the flooring will help you save significant money.

Find Someone Who Can Help You Invest In Your Home

Following these new home upgrade tips will help secure your investment. If you still are not sure about which upgrades are worth the cost, contact a real estate agent.

TalkLocal can put you in touch with one in your area for absolutely free. Many agents will provide you with information in hopes that you will list your home with them in the future. Still, the information is invaluable.

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