Building An Outdoor Patio

Building An Outdoor Patio - Landscapers

Building an outdoor patio can create a wonderful space for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. With the right design, you can truly create a private getaway right in your own back yard. Completing the project yourself takes some work, but could save you some money in the long run – providing you do your homework. The following are five things to keep in mind when building an outdoor patio.

1. Will you need to dig? Consult your design plans to determine if you will need to dig any lines for electricity or to level the base of your patio. If so, you will need to call 811 to have local agencies mark your water, electrical, telephone, and any other piping that may run through the area.

2. What are your local permit requirements? Depending on the type of structure you choose, you may need to apply for certain permits with your local city or community.

3. Is the structure you’re building even permissible by your city? Some city regulations require a certain amount of distance between the structure or concrete pad and the property line. Determine your city’s regulations and adjust your design accordingly.

4. Are you physically able to handle the labor? Overestimating your abilities can end up with you straining yourself. Be sure to consider the weight of the materials you’ve chosen. What may be only slightly challenging to lift at the beginning of the day could turn into something impossible by the end.

5. Have someone else work with you. This person may not even do much of the work, and could just hand tools and fetch drinks, but his or her role is important. He or she is there to ensure you are safe and can call for help in the event of an accident.

Need More Help?

A professional landscaper can do the job for you quickly, and will help you with getting the necessary permits. TalkLocal can find the right landscaping contractor for you in a matter of minutes. Try our free service today!

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