Car Towing Tips

Car Towing Tips - Towing

Not everything you need to transport fits snugly in your vehicle. This is why towing is necessary. Whether you are towing another vehicle, a camper, or a trailer full of stuff, there are some steps you need to take in order to transport them safely and efficiently. Not heeding certain car towing tips could cause you to lose control of your vehicle or cause unnecessary damage to it.

The following are some car towing tips you can utilize in the future.

Reduce Blind Spots: Make sure you are able to see all of the areas surrounding both your vehicle and the load you are hauling. Often, your vehicle’s standard rearview mirrors do not allow you to see everything. In this case, install mirror extenders, which increase your view. You want to be able to see all around your vehicle and whatever you are towing so you can make the right moves on the road.

Do Not Overload Your Vehicle: Few things are more dangerous than trying to tow a load that is too heavy for your vehicle. This is a recipe for an accident. The owner’s manual of your vehicle will likely list the maximum weight that your vehicle can tow. Do not exceed that amount.

Make Sure Lights Are Working Properly: The lights on your vehicle and the load you are towing are not just essential during night time (although, they are very important in that setting). Brake lights, for instance, are important no matter what time of day it is. Make sure all lights — headlights, brake lights, turn signals — are working properly before you get on the road. You always want to signal your intentions so that other drivers know your maneuvers in advance.

Do Not Drive Too Fast: When you are towing a load, you need to be extra cautious. This means you can’t drive as fast as you normally might. With the added weight, you will want to drive at a slower pace to ensure your safety.

Install the Right Hitch: Certain hitches are designed to tow certain loads. Only use hitches for the purposes they were intended for.

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