Ideal Settings For HDTV

Ideal Settings For HDTV - TV Repair

HDTV, assuming it’s properly formatted, offers you crystal-clear picture and sound to make your viewing experience all the more vivid and enjoyable. While HDTV is an obvious upgrade from traditional television, you will only get the most out of it if you find the ideal settings for HDTV.

The beauty of HDTV is that the settings are so flexible, you can spend hours in pursuit of the perfect picture. Even so, you can utilize pre-programmed settings to cut down on your time and energy.

Preset Picture Settings

Like with most television sets, you can select a certain category that will adjust all your settings at once. These include presets for movies, sports games, DVDs, or dynamic viewing.

This is a quick-and-dirty way of modifying your picture settings to match what you are viewing. While this certainly can enhance your viewing experience,  it might not be the ideal settings for HDTV. For that, you will have to manually adjust the various picture settings.

Picture Settings To Consider

Color: While the factory settings on your TV will likely be as close to ideal as possible, you might still find yourself adjusting the color ever-so-slightly. These settings include tint, hue, and color temperature. You will have to adjust these settings — and all other settings — by eye. Alter them until you get the picture that you are looking for. There are no one-size-fits-all settings that will work for every television set.

Brightness: This is actually a setting you might find yourself manipulating quite a bit. Many televisions, when set to factory settings, are far too bright. You can stand to bump the brightness down a little bit.

Sharpness: Oddly enough, you will probably not have to worry about sharpness too much. With HDTV, the picture is already sharp. Turning your settings up to high sharpness could prove to be overkill and negatively affect your HDTV’s picture.

Contrast: Here is where TV manufacturers error pretty badly in their factory settings. The contrast on your television is probably way too high. Consider setting contrast at around 50 percent, but you can go higher or lower, depending on the picture you are going for.

Need Help With You TV?

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