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Car Window Tint Shades - Auto Glass Repair

So you’ve made the decision to tint your car’s windows. But before you go off and splurge on the darkest tints you can find, keep a few things in mind. Choosing a shade for your window tints can be confusing. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing car window tint shades.

1. Consider the cost of any window tint you look at. Higher-quality tints will obviously be more expensive, but going for the cheapest available may result in a poor quality tinting job. You don’t need to break the bank, but it’s okay to invest a little more money for a higher-quality tinting job.

2. A colored window tint — a color not on the grey scale — will fancy up your car. You can find tints to match or compliment the color of your car. So if you have a bold colored car, why not go bold with your window tints?

3. Choose mirror tints for maximum privacy. A reflective tint will prevent people from seeing inside of your car, which is one of the major benefits of window tinting. Mirror tints also reflect sunlight well, which can help keep you car nice and cool during those hot summer months.

4. Choose a tint that is legal in your city or state. Most states have restrictions on darker window tints, especially tints that look black. Having extra dark tints could make you a target for police as well, so be mindful of the regulations in your state regarding darker car window tint shades.

5. Put a band on the top of your windshield to match the tint shades on your windows. This acts as a shield and protects your eyes from the sun, and also gives the car a sporty look. Some windshields come with a tinted band anyway, but it will just make your car look sharper if the windshield band matches your window tints.

Get Those Windows Tinted!

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what to look for in your new car window tint shades. Now you need to apply the tints to your car. You can certainly do this yourself, but you can also find a professional to do it for you. TalkLocal will help you find an auto glass shop in your area who can help you at your budget. Forget the online search; we do that for you, for free!

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