Happy Fuss Over Father’s Day

Written by Dallea Caldwell

Happy Fuss Over Father's Day - Seva Call

Quick! Before he barricades himself in his man cave until this whole thing blows over, attack your dear old dad with your full nuclear family arsenal: kisses, hugs, and the kind of mushy stuff that you can’t use to pave the driveway.

And, for the love of dads: do something different this year. Every year poor dad gets tied down, cuffed, or smothered. He already has more patterned strips of fabric than you’d need to hogtie a herd of elephants, so no more ties. And gold cufflinks? He may be worth his weight in gold, but his sleeves aren’t designed to bare that kind of weight. Lastly, if you don’t like his smell after he finishes investing another bucket-worth of sweat equity into the house, don’t cover it up with more cologne when you can just feed the honey do list through the shredder, turn on the fan, blow a kazoo, and toss his worries to the wind like so much confetti!

Fuss Over Father’s Day No More

You know that emotionally stirring moment when dad presses his fingers to either side of his nose, and a single tear slips down his cheek, but then he pulls it together, but everybody is full-out bawling because if dad cries then it’s totally a big deal? You know what we’re talking about. Now, did it ever happen after you gave him a tie? Of course not.

So, because he deserves much better than a case of Dadja vu, consider these great gift ideas:

– Give dad a hand with needed repairs, hand them over to a handyman.

– Kick-boxing anyone? Kick his heart health into high gear with some personal training sessions.

– Take away that tension trapped in his back and shoulders with a professional massage.

– If he’s bending and lifting with difficulty, that makes cleaning a challenge. So, hire a maid to clean every nook and cranny of the castle.

– Does dad dress like a 1950’s panhandler with ill-fitting jackets and trousers? Bag him and his baggy suits and drag them to a tailor.

In fact, Seva Call has over 50 service categories, and he’d be happy to see just about anything get done with one exception: he’d probably hate dentists, so wait until after Father’s Day to book that cleaning.

 Seva Call Has You Covered

Other than that, you can spoil dad right out of his shell with unforgettable gifts and experiences just by going to www.talklocal.com and submitting a service request. Then, stand by to talk to a top-rated pro in seconds. You’ll make dad wish he could hang your present on the refrigerator, but he can’t… the magnetic force isn’t strong enough. He will be, however, happy that you were so thoughtful… for once.

Happy Father’s Day from the Seva Call Team.

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