Environmental Problems Caused By Disposal Of Batteries

Environmental Problems Caused By Disposal Of Batteries - Garbage Removal

Just think about how many gadgets and other electronics you have in your home that require batteries. Thus is the case for most households, making the number of batteries that are thrown into the garbage and into local landfills an astronomical figure. This might lead many to contemplate the environmental problems caused by disposal of batteries. If more people learned of the possible hazards this poses, they might more carefully contemplate how they go about disposing of batteries.

Which Batteries Can Be Thrown In The Trash?

The environmental problems caused by disposal of batteries hinges on the type of battery. It certainly does not hurt to recycle all of your batteries, but these days, more traditional batteries (A, AA, AAA and D-Cell) contain far fewer harmful chemicals and toxins than the batteries of old. If you have old batteries, make sure you recycle them to cut down on the environmental impact.

Rechargeable batteries and car batteries do, however, contain significant chemicals and must be disposed of with care. It is best to recycle them.

What Effect Do Batteries Have On The Environment?

By throwing batteries in the trash and into local landfills, you are essentially introducing such harmful chemicals as lead, lithium, cadmium, and mercury to nature. These substances and pose serious health issues to both humans and animals.

Air Pollution

Like all other garbage, batteries undergo a photochemical reaction as they decompose in landfills. This reaction causes gas emissions. Such harmful chemicals can produce O-Zone via the photochemical reaction, which can contribute to the greenhouse effect here on earth.

Water Pollution

The harmful chemicals found in batteries can also run off into local water supplies. Not only is this dangerous to the people who drink from the supply, but the chemicals can kill both plants and animals, putting the ecosystems of streams, rivers and lakes in serious jeopardy.

Find A Recycling Service

If these environmental problems caused by disposal of batteries have made you think twice, you can easily find professionals who will help you recycle your old or used batteries. Simply type the necessary information into TalkLocal, and we’ll connect you with one immediately.

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