Caring For A Japanese Maple

Caring For A Japanese Maple - Landscapers

Japanese Maple trees are popular plants that many homeowners choose to grow. They can be pruned and grown in pots or planted to grow larger. Their leaves are bright red, which allows them to add eye-catching beauty to any yard or garden.

Caring For A Japanese Maple

– Plant the tree in soil that is moist to avoid drying out the roots during planting. These trees grow best in soil that is damp but also well-drained.

– Choose a location where the plant will be in partial shade. If you live in a mild climate where the temperature remains cool year-round, your tree may be able to tolerate a little more sunlight than usual.

– Never plant a Japanese Maple if there could be a frost. They are not likely to survive the frost, especially after being planted. Wait until early spring when the frosts are over.

– Fertilize your plant with slow-release plant food. This will help make your tree stronger and more likely to survive future winters. Add the fertilizer in early spring for best results.

Only prune the tree when it is dormant. When you are caring for a Japanese Maple tree, pruning can be the most difficult thing to learn. Pruning while the tree is dormant will reduce the shock they experience. Be sure to remove any dead leaves and branches. If desired, you can prune the tree into a specific shape or prune it to grow a certain way. This is another reason these trees are so popular.

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Properly caring for a Japanese Maple tree is important if you plant to grow them in your yard. If cared for properly, these trees can add beauty and shade to your yard for many years.

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