Cost Of A Riding Mower

Cost Of A Riding Mower - Landscapers

Riding lawn mowers are convenient tools that allow you to mow your yard with ease. Riding mowers can mow a lawn much faster than a traditional push mower and are also much less strenuous to operate. This allows you to mow your lawn more often and keep it looking in tip-top shape.

If you have a riding lawn mower you wish to sell or simply want to know how much it is worth, you need to determine it’s value. If you want to recuperate the cost of a riding mower when you sell it, you should use these tips to calculate its current value.


Inspect your riding mower for any damage or make note of any mechanical problems that you are aware of. Any of these things will reduce the value of a riding lawn mower. If you have taken care of your mower and made any necessary repairs, it will be more valuable.


An older mower, in most cases, will cost less than a newer one. Consider how long you have had the mower and calculate the depreciation of the mower due to age. Most riding mowers depreciate about 14 percent every year. You can calculate the depreciation of the mower and subtract it from the original cost of a riding mower to help determine the value.

Initial Cost Of A Riding Lawn Mower

The amount you pay, or initial cost, of a lawn mower should be where you start when trying to determine value. When you deduct from the value to account for repairs, damage, or other things, you can subtract the deduction amount from the original cost. This will allow you to sell your mower for a fair price without feeling like you lost a lot of money on it.

Some basic riding lawnmowers go for about $700, but the more heavy-duty models can soar into the thousands of dollars.

Riding lawn mowers can be expensive, and if you are ready to get a new one, you may want to sell your old one. Before you put a price tag on your mower, make sure you have determined the value accurately and are selling it for a price that is fair to both you and the buyer.

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