How To Grow Espalier Trees

How To Grow Espalier Trees - Landscapers

Espalier trees are trees that have been pruned, shaped, and trained to grow in a specific pattern against a flat surface. Both fruit trees and flowering trees can be used in this manner, and both can be eye-catching and impressive if grown right.

Knowing how to grow espalier trees is essential to making them look perfect and keeping them healthy. Here are some tips to help you.

Start with a fruit tree that is young and healthy: The healthier the tree, the more likely it is to survive the pruning and shaping. Make sure the trunk of the tree is strong and green and the branches are small, green, and healthy. Starting with a tree that has small branches will make it easier for you to prune and shape them.

Plant your trees in the appropriate amount of sunlight: Some trees thrive in constant sunlight and others like shady areas. If you do not give your tree what it needs, it will not stay healthy and will eventually die.

Choose the wall or area where you want the plant to grow: Do not plant the tree right next to the wall. Instead, dig your hole about a foot away from this area. Make sure the hole is big enough to cover the root ball.

Tie the branches in the pattern you want the tree to grow in: This can be one of the hardest parts of learning how to grow espalier trees. You will need to work with these branches often to get them to grow into the right pattern. You will also need to prune new branches to help get the desired shape of the tree.

Water and fertilize your plants often to make them healthy during the growing season. Do not fertilize once the ground has frozen. If you learn how to grow espalier trees properly, they will continue to grow and become beautiful, creative works of art.

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