How To Defrost Locks

How To Defrost Locks - Locksmiths

It is never any fun to go to unlock your car or home door only to find that the lock is frozen. This scenario only seems to make a day go from bad to worse. Fortunately, there are some fairly easy and fast methods for how to defrost locks that do not necessarily require supplies from inside the house. Be sure to check that the lock is actually frozen and not just jammed.

Car Locks

Lighter: This may seem obvious, but if you have matches or a lighter handy, use them to heat up the metal of the key (carefully). Insert the key into the lock and wiggle it around very gently in order to unthaw all parts of the lock. Remember, when metal is warm, it is much more pliable, so be careful not to contort the key in a way that will render it useless.

Hand Sanitizer: While not everyone carries a lighter, many people are now carrying small bottles of hand sanitizer. If you cover the key in the sanitizer and place it in the lock, the alcohol will melt the ice on the inside. If you didn’t carry sanitizer before, you probably will now!

Home Locks

The previous two methods will work on the home lock as well, but if you have just arrived home, you have another asset you can use: your engine block.

A car’s engine will heat up and stay hot for quite a while, even in cold temperatures. Hold your key to the hot engine block and then use the warm key to unthaw the lock. Be careful, as the engine will be very hot and can easily burn you.

Arguably the simplest way to defrost locks is through utilizing lock deicer, which is generally sold at most supermarkets. These products are made for the sole purpose of breaking up ice that has developed and clung to the inside of locks. The product comes with a few step-by-step instructions printed on the packaging, making for very easy use.

You Can Always Use A Locksmith

If the lock still will not budge, it may be time to call in the professionals. Many locksmiths are available for 24-hour service. TalkLocal can help find a professional in your area who will know how to defrost locks quickly. We will connect you with the right professionals in minutes, and our service is absolutely free.

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