Creative Wainscoting Chair Rail Ideas

Creative Wainscoting Chair Rail Ideas - Painters

Chair rails are a molding usually placed at chair height to protect the walls from being damaged by chairs. This railing is often combined with wainscoting: smooth or grooved beadboard or shadow boxes made from narrow strips of decorative molding. Chair rails and wainscoting add dimension, depth, and architectural interest to any room, and can be installed solo or in a variety of combinations. To create a showcase room that takes wainscoting chair rail ideas from dated to dramatic, think outside the box. Check out these wainscoting chair rail ideas.

Switch it around. Most wainscoting is installed on the lower third of the wall, topped by a chair rail. Install a grooved beadboard on the top third, instead. Paint the bead board white, the chair rail red, and the lower wall a deep navy for an instant nautical theme. Porthole shaped mirrors will complete the look.

Paint the entire wall, including the chair rail and wainscoting, the same color to add a touch of luxury that does not conflict with your furniture and other design elements.

Install mirrors within wainscoting frames to lend a sophisticated 1930’s art deco glamour. Paint the area around the frames a soft, shell pink or light, sky blue.

Hang architecturally patterned, three-dimensional wall paper inside the wainscoting frames for extra impact and visual appeal. This works best in rooms without fussy furniture.

Paint the entire wall one monochromatic color, and then match the chair rail and wainscoting to your existing trim color for a clean, modern look.

For a shabby chic style, paint the chair rail and wainscoting with a key decorating color. Over-paint in white, and apply a crackle finish to allow the base color to peek through and add instant age and charm.

Need More Ideas Or Professional Help?

When considering a chair rail or wainscoting feature, remember that the sky is the limit. You can go color-crazy or keep everything understated. Use your existing home style, furniture and accessories to determine the best application of wainscotings and chair rails for your personal taste. TalkLocal will connect you with a reputable painter in your area in just minutes, so you can get them on the job of making your living room stand out.

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