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Chair Rail Ideas - Painters

Chair rails were made to prevent chair backs from scratching and damaging walls when they were pushed against them. Chair rails have become a popular wall design choice and can add character and style to any room.

If you are thinking about adding something different to your walls, consider these easy chair rail ideas.

– Choose chair rails that match the molding around the floor and doorways. You may need to replace the molding or you may be able to find chair rails that match it perfectly. If you cannot find rails and moldings that match perfectly, look for some that are the same color. You can also paint your moldings and rails to match each other.

– Use chair rails to break up two different shades or colors of paint. Paint the top half of the room one color and the bottom a different color. The chair rails can be installed in the middle of the room and will create a nice contrast between the two colors. Many people prefer to paint the bottom half of a room darker than the top half.

– If you like the look of wallpaper but do not want to cover a whole room in it, you can use chair rails to separate the room in half. Apply the wallpaper to the top or bottom half of your wall and paint to the other half. Add the chair rails between the paper and paint.

– Break up sections of paneling and drywall with the chair rails. This is one of the most popular chair rail ideas. You can choose to use chair rails that are made of the same materials as the paneling or choose to go with a different style for a unique look.

These easy chair rail ideas can help you change your plain and boring room into something special. Be creative and use chair rails however you want to complete a certain look or design.

Leaving It To The Pros

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