Seva Man Origin Story: Secret Identity Revealed

Is it the sun? Someone’s highbeams? No! It’s Seva Man in his brightly colored leotard!

The spectacular spectacle spotted in major cities nationwide is whisking another service seeker away from worrisome call-waiting  woes and connecting consumers and top-rated businesses faster than a speeding video buffer. But, he didn’t always simplify the search for professional service providers. The be-goggled galvanizer was once a neighborly but ordinary hometown hero, before one fateful night that forever changed the face of finding local service pros.

How Seva Man Came To Be

(Anytown, USA) It was a stormy summer night and an unremarkable young man sat alone managing his home-office service desk for a phone directory information hotline. His switchboards were overloaded with callers seeking help with fallen trees, downed power lines, and leaky roofs. Several callers received numbers to a reputable business only to find the pros completely booked and unable to help, sending them back to his line for yet another referral.

Meanwhile… the common customer servant had become the unwitting host to a pesky petulance, a spider crazed from ingesting leaking antifreeze from a broken air conditioner. It scurried beneath his desk and began feverishly weaving a web. Unbeknownst to the man frantically taking and rerouting a growing flurry of calls, the spider’s web was connecting man, his phone line, and his computer hard drive with its anti-freeze-infused super-strength strands!

Suddenly, just when tensions were mounting, with lines flashing alerts, and a particularly frustrated neighbor becoming increasingly agitated over her inability to find a service pro, the man felt a surge of electricity go rip and zip through his body — incinerating his desktop and knocking the man unconscious. The tiny spider, having crawled into the man’s shoe, did not survive either, but his anti-freeze-enhanced webbing seeped into the man’s pores over the course of a few unconscious hours.

The man awoke to a ringing in his ear and a thunderous headache. He saw red flashing lights whenever he closed his eyes. And, as he focused on the ringing, he heard the desperate pleas for help from the people in his area. His neighbors were reaching out to him, trying to find local service professionals. And with each request, the man could telepathically locate the businesses that were available and best suited to provide for the customer. Dazed and confused, the man laid on his back and connected customers using his newly discovered psychic powers for the rest of his shift.

Connecting Consumer With The Right Professional

Of course, his unceasing urge to help consumers to connect to local businesses began to consume him. He couldn’t eat, sleep, or go about his day without answering the desperate calls of local consumers. And he knew that evil-doers were out there, profiting off of the frustrations and desperation of consumers and small businesses — selling ads and directory listings that didn’t help match businesses and consumers based on location, service, and schedule. Local commerce deserved a hero. So, he became more than a man, more than a human phone directory, he became Seva Man!

And the man behind the mask, you ask!

Steve. His name is Steve. Stay tuned to find out more about this service-finding hero!

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