How to Report Downed Power Lines

How to Report Downed Power Lines - Electricians

Downed power lines are dangerous, and are often the cause of fires and electrocution. Power lines can be taken down during severe storms and particularly high winds. A fallen tree could also knock out the power to an entire neighborhood. Here is how to report downed power lines in your area.

1. Ensure that the issue actually is a downed power line. The power lines are the long black wires that are connected to the wooden poles. If they are on or close to the ground, then they are down. Do not walk near the power lines. If down, the power line is carrying an electrical current, and you may be at a higher risk of electrocution.

2. Keep yourself and others away from the power line. If you are in your car, do not get out, and put on your hazard lights to warn other drivers of the risk.

3. Immediately call the police or emergency services. Downed power lines need to be blocked of immediately to avoid any risk of injury.

4. Report the downed power line in as much detail as possible. Tell the exact area of the downed power line. If you don’t know the area, describe the area’s landmarks and buildings. Also give a detailed description of the position of the downed power lines.

5. Call the electrical company with the detailed report of the downed power line.

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