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Chromebook vs iPad - Computer Repair

Have you been wondering whether or not to get the Chromebook or the iPad? Not sure which computer offers the most benefit for what you’re looking for? While there are various versions of each device, the differences between them are still very similar. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you should have enough basic information in order to make an informed decision.

The Physical Comparison

Physically, there are many differences in the Chromebook vs iPad. They vary in size, appearance, storage space, and more. Based on what you’re looking to use your device for – school, business, personal, etc. – might be a big determining factor for which one of these devices will be best for you when it comes to physical characteristics. Let’s take a quick peek at a few of the physical differences of the two.

For starters, the Chromebook is much bigger in size than the iPad. Depending on the versions that you’re comparing, the Chromebook display screens can be up to 2 or 3 inches bigger than the iPad’s display screen. It’s heavier as well. You’ll find that the Chromebook can be up to two times as heavy as the iPad.

In addition to this, the iPad uses a touchscreen while the Chromebook uses a full-size keyboard. So when it comes to the physical characteristics – size and weight – then you might want to go with the iPad if you’re looking for something more sleek and lightweight to use for more personal or minor business tasks. But if you’re really not into touchscreens, then you might want to go with the Chromebook.

Feature Comparison

Now let’s look at some of the feature comparisons of the Chromebook vs iPad. For example, the Chromebook can hold up to 100GB of storage, whereas the iPad can only hold up to about 64GB. On the other hand, you might be able to use your iPad for a much longer period of time with its estimated 10-hour battery life. The Chromebook’s battery life is only an estimated 6 hours.

In addition, the webcam on the iPad features a 2-way camera, allowing you to take both front and rear pictures. It also works well with mobile phones such as the iPhone. The Chromebook does not. The Chromebook, however, can access flash media but the iPad cannot. Also, the iPad offers more than 150,000 applications that you can download to it, while the Chromebook offers only a limited selection.

Which One to Choose?

In deciding whether to buy the Chromebook vs iPad, you will need to weigh all of the options mentioned in this article. Overall, it will depend on what, exactly, you need to be able to accomplish with your device.

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