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Cloud storage happens to be one of the best things that have happened to the IT industry in the recent years. While most providers give you a certain amount of cloud storage for free, companies and businesses can buy a lot more of it for an annual, monthly, or one-time fee. If you wish to store a huge amount of data on a cloud service, it would be ideal that you compare prices of the leading services before coming to a conclusion.

Prices of the Leading Cloud Storage Providers

You may come across significant confusion when trying to select a particular home cloud data storage provider. However, you must understand that price isn’t the only factor that’s important here. You must consider a lot of other features as well, such as reliability, security, file type support, etc. Try to find a balance between price and features when trying to compare cloud storage costs.


Dropbox happens to be, undoubtedly, one of the most popular cloud storage options today that many of us use every single day. It gives you 2 GB of storage free, and a lot more can be added on payment. You can add 100 GB for $9.99 a month or for an annual fee of $99 a year. 200 GB could be had for the price of $19.99 per month or $199 per year, and 500 GB could be had for $49.99 per month or $499 per year. If you don’t need as much as 100 GB but still need more than 2 GB, Dropbox has a great way of letting you do that through referrals, which could get you up to 18 GB of free storage.

Google Drive

Another popular favorite among the masses, Google Drive offers 5 GB of free storage that can be upgraded to 25 GB for just $ 2.49 per month. A number of price bands are available thereafter, giving you 100 GB for $4.99, 200 GB for $9.99, 400 GB for $19.99, 1 TB for $49.99, and the list goes on up to 16 TB for $799.99 a month. The interesting feature here is that the upgraded storage you buy also applies to Picasa and gives you an additional 25 GB in Gmail as well.


One of the highly preferred services is SkyDrive, which offers you 7 GB of free storage. Most people find this ample for their personal use. However, you could always upgrade it to 27 GB for just $10 per year, 57 GB for $25 per year, or 107 GB for $50 per year.

Apple iCloud

Apple’s iCloud storage is something Apple users live by. While you can store plenty of data for free in the 5 GB you get, you can buy an additional 10 GB for $20 per year, 20 GB for $40 per year, and 50 GB for $100 per year.

Other providers such as Huddle and FolderShare also offer you plenty of storage and let you sync files on different devices at competitive prices. So choose wisely and store as many e-mails, music, books, movies, and apps as you like with effective cloud storage costs.

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