Sync Files Across Multiple Computers

Sync Files Across Multiple Computers - Computer Repair

Trying to sync files across multiple computers allows the same information to be accessed by multiple people, or from different devices. As long as all of your devices are connected to the Internet you can have everything at your fingertips.

Why Sync Files Across Multiple Computers?

1)     By syncing files across multiple computers you will be able to access music off of your home desktop, photos and videos off of your notebook, and important documents off of your work computer, all on your laptop.

2)     You can update files and not worry about having to transfer them back or delete old versions from other devices.

3)     The data from multiple devices are available on one.

4)     You don’t have to have to worry about using CD’s, USB’s or email attachments to share data.

How To Sync Files Across Multiple Computers

1. The first thing you should do is download the FolderShare software on each of the devices you would like to sync.

2. You can then select the specific folders that you would prefer to share on the network such as “My Documents” or “Videos”.  The FolderShare software is continuously running in the background and should automatically synchronize all of the files you selected.  If any of the computers you want synced is offline then the documents will by updated when it comes back online.

3. If you would prefer to not download FolderShare you can also synchronize files by downloading an online back-up system such as DropBox. You can put all of the files you want to access in the DropBox folder, and you will be able to access them from any computer — as long as there is Internet — with your personal username and password.  There are many other options just like DropBox that you can choose from.

Questions About Syncing Files?

If you cannot figure out how to set up file syncing across multiple devices or you have problems with the updates, you should seek professional help from an IT technician.  If you don’t know who to contact, use TalkLocal to find local, reliable technicians who can help you out within minutes.

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