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Door Knob Latch Stuck - Locksmiths

Numerous homeowners who understand the basic lock-and-key mechanism choose to handle common, simple locksmith problems on their own. Armed with a lot of patience and the right set of tools, they open doors, install locks, and try to replace defective components. But do you have what it takes to handle a door knob latch stuck type of emergency situation in record time, without compromising the whole system?

How to solve your problem fast

A door latch can stop functioning properly for numerous reasons, including sudden atmospheric changes. If you are dealing with this problem, stay calm and follow these 4 simple steps to obtain the desirable results in record time.

1)    Try to jiggle your door

If you find your door knob latch stuck inside your door’s strike hole, try to jiggle the door a bit, in order to unlock it fast without relying on any tools or special products.

2)    Remove the door knob and clean your latch system

Here’s another helpful tip: Remove your door knob and take a closer look at the door latch mechanism. Its functionality could be compromised by a significant amount of dirt or other impurities. Clean it using water, let it dry, and then reinstall it properly.

3)    Buy and apply a first-class lubricant

If the problem persists, follow a different approach: Purchase and apply high-quality, silicon- or petroleum-based lubricant, perfect for this kind of job. Some homeowners choose to utilize WD-40, while others rely on vegetable oil to solve their problem. Before applying the substance, it is advisable to contact a skilled locksmith in your area and ask for his opinion on this matter. Afterward, carefully lubricate all of the components of your locking system. This should be the end of your “door knob latch stuck” problem.

4)    Simply remove and replace your door knob latch

If high-quality lubricant didn’t do the trick, this probably means that you should contact the best locksmith in your area and ask him or her to replace your door knob latch.

Find the right locksmith

You could always choose to conduct a DIY project, buy the new door knob yourself from almost any hardware store, and install it using a screwdriver. However, in case you would rather opt for professional services guaranteeing spectacular, long-term results, count on TalkLocal, your primary source of information to find the most reputable locksmith experts who are just one call away. Always solve your locksmith problems in a timely manner to avoid significant security threats that could disrupt your balance and put your safety on the line.

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