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Most homeowners don’t know how to clean their chimneys properly. In fact, numerous people don’t have a clue about chimney inspections, repairs, and cleaning services and end up being scammed by so-called specialists who charge ridiculously low fees for poorly done work.

Want to be able to estimate chimney sweep cost, pay the right price for an excellent maintenance routine, and hire the best professionals operating in your area? Follow these simple guidelines to avoid major mistakes that could impact your budget, health, and welfare.

How to Avoid Con Artists

Believe it or not, many homeowners have been deceived by extremely persuasive con artists pretending to be skilled, certified chimney sweeps. They come inside the house, perform an inspection, and signal problems that aren’t real, like an elevated carbon monoxide poisoning risk, for instance. Some try to trick people into buying expensive clay, metal, or concrete-based liners after telling them that their old liners are no longer useful; others bring dead birds or concrete fragments inside the house, claiming that they’ve just extracted these elements from the chimney.

Learn to estimate chimney sweep cost properly to avoid unpleasant surprises. Most scammers will tempt potential victims with insanely low fees. Don’t fall into this trap, and always avoid unreliable chimney sweeps offering you “professional,” “discounted,” ”complete” cleaning services under $40.

Pay the Right Price for High-Quality Cleaning Services

Any doubts on your mind related to chimney sweep cost? Think about the fact that cleaning a chimney is a really messy, complex, time-consuming assignment (a complete process takes at least 60 minutes), requiring state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Would you really expect to pay $39 or even less for this type of service? An inspection could cost you approximately $75; be prepared to pay twice as much for first-class chimney cleaning.

How to Find the Best Chimney Sweep

Wouldn’t you love to find the most dependable, friendly, experienced, skilled chimney sweep with minimal effort? TalkLocal helps you get in touch with the best cleaning specialists in your ZIP code. With Talk Local, all services you might need at some point are just a few clicks away.

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