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There are numerous household maintenance assignments that can be successfully completed by the owner himself, on time and on a budget. However, other tasks require the attention, the skills, the tools, and the expertise of a real professional. Would you really clean your chimney on your own, knowing that poorly done work could easily put your health and safety on the line? Of course you wouldn’t; so keep reading to find out how to find a chimney sweep in three simple steps.

1)    Always opt for professional services ensured by a certified chimney sweep

You might think that cleaning the soot and the ash from your fire place is a simple assignment, but in fact competent chimney sweeps do a lot more than this. Every once in a while, you’ll have to remove potentially dangerous creosote buildups. You will need to rely on the best workers you can find, properly equipped with state-of-the-art tools, because creosote can’t be properly eliminated by simply scrubbing the surface with a wire brush. Apart from eliminating residues in a highly effective manner, well-trained, certified experts also perform meticulous inspections and repairs.

2)    Ask for testimonials from previous clients

Talk to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. How have they managed to find a chimney sweep in their zip code? Are they pleased with the end result? Once you narrow down your search and spot a few reliable candidates, ask for testimonials from previous clients and opt for a chimney sweep with years of experience, first-class tools, and proper training who can make time for you even in his busy season; keep in mind that homeowners who use their wood-burning stoves intensively might need to schedule 3 or 4 different appointments with a chimney sweep in order to eliminate all health and safety risks.

3)    Rely on a free service to spot the best cleaning specialists

Are you worried that you might have a hard time trying to find a chimney sweep who is dependable, hardworking, and flexible enough to respond to your emergency calls at any given point in time? If so, make things a whole lot easier for yourself by profiting from a free service introduced to help you get in touch with the best professionals in a timely manner. Consult TalkLocal and make the most of a wide range of 5-star services available in your own area.

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