Deep Tissue Massage Pain

Deep Tissue Massage Pain - Massage Therapy

A deep tissue massage is a bit more intense than other types of massage. Although there are many benefits to a deep tissue massage, it is common for new patients to experience deep tissue massage pain. Typically, the benefits will outweigh any negative effects that come along with your deep tissue massage, but this article will outline what types of deep tissue massage pain you may experience.

Deep Tissue Massage Pain

A deep tissue massage requires your massage therapist to stimulate your muscles. If your muscles are unaccustomed to being stimulated, this may cause a shock to them and can cause temporary pain for you. However, as the massage continues and your muscles adjust to being stimulated, this pain should disappear.

Soreness from a Deep Tissue Massage

The day after your deep tissue massage, there is small chance (around 10%) you will feel soreness in your muscles. However, this soreness will only be the equivalent of soreness you may feel after engaging in healthy exercise. It is nothing to be concerned about and should disappear in a day or two.

Headache from a Deep Tissue Massage

An even smaller percentage of people have reported having a headache after receiving a deep tissue massage. It is likely that this is due to how they positioned themselves during their massage. If you are concerned about this or have experienced a headache after a deep tissue massage, consult with your massage therapist about how to best position yourself during your massage in order to avoid a headache.

Nausea from a Deep Tissue Massage

An intense massage such as a deep tissue massage can cause toxins in your body to be released, and eventually drain from your muscles and through your blood stream, which can cause mild nausea. Drinking water directly after your massage can help to eliminate these toxins from your body.

Find a Massage Therapist

Although there can be some side effects to a deep tissue massage, the benefits generally out way these, and a good therapist will adjust their technique to give you the best experience possible. With the help of TalkLocal, you can be on the phone in minutes with up to three, high-quality massage therapists in your area who are available when you are.

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