Hurricane-Proof Home: Windows

Hurricane-Proof Home: Windows - Window Replacement

Windows are some of the weakest spots on a house. If they are not protected, they can easily shatter during a hurricane and let powerful winds cause significant damage inside your home. Broken shards of window glass can also potentially hurt someone in your household. That’s why one of the most important steps to have a hurricane-proof home is to make sure all windows are protected against severe weather.

Board Up with Plywood

Plywood sheets are inexpensive and can work very well to protect windows if properly installed. It is recommended to use exterior-grade plywood that is 5/8 inch thick. You will also need 3- or 4-inch heavy-duty barrel bolts.

1. Use 1 bolt for every 12 inches of plywood.

2. For windows with an inset (at least 2 inches), the plywood sheets should be cut to a size that allows for a snug fit inside the recess.

3. Drill the barrel bolts in place to the plywood and mark on the window where you need to drill the corresponding holes.

4. Drill the holes in the marked areas. If your windows don’t have an inset, the plywood must be cut with a 4-inch space overhang and fastened to the exterior wall with anchors and lag bolts.

Install Hurricane Shutters

There are different types of hurricane shutters used for a hurricane-proof home, the most common of which are:

– Storm panels – made of corrugated steel or aluminum and are attached to the wall on a track around the window; cheapest shutter option; removable, so it will not alter the look of the house but does require storage space; can be difficult to hang and line up, and often needs two people to install.

– Accordion shutters – these are aluminum shutters that are affixed permanently at the sides of windows; they open and close accordion-style along tracks placed above and below the window; more convenient than storm panels; may look out-of-place, so style and design must be considered.

– Roll-down shutters – made of PVC or aluminum; attached at the top of windows and stored in a box; they roll down along tracks placed beside the windows; can be operated manually (hand crank) or electrically (push button); easiest type of shutter to get ready for a hurricane; most expensive option.

Put In Hurricane Windows

These impact-resistant windows are made of a three-layer glass pane that allows the window to withstand hurricane winds and debris without the need for shutters. It is expensive but provides permanent protection. Because they are part of the structure of the house, these windows are much harder to be torn off, unlike plywood or shutters. If replacing old windows, the window frames must be replaced as well in order to meet building code requirements. Installation must be done by a window contractor.

Request for Professional Help

Well-protected windows are crucial to a hurricane-proof home. Use TalkLocal now to get a professional window contractor to install hurricane windows or shutters in your home fast and easy, or to repair any window damage this hurricane season.

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