Lowes Storm Windows Buyer Guide

Lowes Storm Windows Buyer Guide - Window Replacement

A cost-effective and simple way to improve the efficiency of your old, single-pane windows is to add Lowes storm windows. They are designed to minimize the air flow from outside into your home. Also, the airspace created between the primary window and the storm window serves as extra insulation.

Lowes storm windows are for exterior application and are mounted to the outside of your home’s existing windows. While they are not replacement windows, many people use storm windows as an economical substitute for replacement windows.

Shopping Options

When shopping for Lowes storm windows, you’ll have two brand names to choose from – Comfort-Bilt and Larson. Both manufacture storm windows with aluminum frames, but in different configurations, from one-track to three-track. Larson makes Low-E aluminum storm windows, while Comfort-Bilt manufactures single-glazed windows.

Window Styles and Buying Tips

Single-track – Also known as a basement storm window, this type has only one glass pane that is held in place by thumb clasps. Choose a basement window with removable glass (for easier cleaning) and a built-in insect screen to keep bugs out when you remove the glass pane.

Two-track – Meant to be used with double-hung windows, the bottom half of the outer track features a screen, while the top has a glass pane. Neither component can be moved up or down. It’s the inside glass pane contained in the inside track which can be slid up to let fresh air in through the screen. Look for two-track Lowes storm windows with ventilation stops that can be adjusted on the inside track.

Three-track – These windows are also designed to be used with double-hung windows. In this configuration, there are two half screens and windowpanes that sit in separate tracks to allow each sash to be moved independently. Both bottom screens can also be moved to the top and the top glass panes moved down. If this is your choice, you should opt for windows with removable panes and screens for easy cleaning.

What is Low E-Glass?

Low-E or Low-emissive glass makes storm windows more energy efficient. Their surface has undergone treatment with an invisible coating of metallic oxide that allows light to pass through while reflecting heat. Low-E storm windows reduce energy use, prevent fabric from fading, and improve the comfort of a home.

Need New Windows?

Remember to measure your windows accurately before you make any purchase. Once you’ve ordered your windows, it’s time to call the pros to ensure they are installed the right way. We can help your search for qualified contractors. Contact TalkLocal now and get in touch with three local window professionals in no time. Best of all, we’re free!

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