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A large number of homeowners choose to invest a significant amount of money in first-class appliance, launched on the market by prestigious manufacturers, rather than opting for less-reliable products, introduced and promoted by obscure companies playing the affordability card.

In this context, some of them are interested in kitchen appliances brought to them by leading brands, like Wolf and Viking. What are the main differences between these two major brands? Why is the Wolf gas stove an excellent option for all family members who know how to appreciate a home-cooked meal?

Wolf appliances vs. Viking applieances

What are you generally asking for? Financial savings, increased durability, superior energy-efficiency, or perhaps you’d like to profit from all of the above? One thing’s for sure: When it comes to purchasing high-end kitchen appliances, most people are tempted to test the effectiveness of the well-liked Viking and Wolf gas stove. What are the unique attributes of these two types of increasingly popular items? Wolf puts a two-year guarantee on the table and launches products with heavier components and a much-appreciated cast-iron frame, the symbol of extended durability.

A Wolf gas stove with a cast-iron frame has a lifespan of up to 25 years, as long as it is utilized properly by its owner. However, generally speaking, Wolf appliances are a little heavier; this is why it is recommended to consult a specialist before installing a Wolf gas stove in your home.

In terms of heat output, Wolf burners provide anywhere from 500 BTU (British Thermal Units, an energy unit representing the equivalent of 1055 Joules) to approximately 16,000 BTU, while the heat output of Viking burners doesn’t exceed 15,000 BTU. Despite the fact that Wolf burners are the absolute winners in this category, when it comes to modern design specifications they are somehow still behind their main competitors, the well-known Viking burners, which offer diverse design possibilities (including the popular, mint or cobalt blue finishes) to their potential clients.

How to find the right Wolf gas stove

Wolf is definitely a powerful brand, selling modern, energy-efficient, durable, practical, fully functional gas stoves that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, there are different product specifications that should be properly analyzed before making your final decision.

When in doubt, it is advisable to rely on a competent appliance repair specialist. Find the best experts in your area by simply consulting TalkLocal, your one-stop source of accurate, helpful information.

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