How to Install Bamboo Fencing Rolls

How to Install Bamboo Fencing Rolls - Landscapers

Bamboo Fencing Rolls

Bamboo fencing has become more and more popular as an alternative to wood fencing. It is more economical, and bamboo is easier to grow. Bamboo is actually a faster growing plant than wood and is widely available. It is also very abundant and is a renewable resource.

It is a tropical-looking fence that has become the trend in recent years, and it deserves your attention. It is very flexible, thus it does not break as easily during severe storms. Additionally, it complements wooden arbors perfectly and does justice to beautiful gardens. Read on to find out how to install bamboo fencing rolls in your garden.

Installing Bamboo Fencing Rolls

1. First, you have to choose the right bamboo. Two types of bamboo are used commonly for fencing.

> The first type is ½” to 1” in diameter. The shoots or canes are held together by galvanized wires into bunches.

> The other type uses a smaller diameter of bamboo and is woven. Using only the outer part of the bamboo cane, split bamboo is another popular type of bamboo used for fencing.

2. Before purchasing, you need to consider how strong the fence needs to be. You will also need a bamboo saw to cut your bamboo into the size that you need to fence your garden.

3. Because bamboo tends to decompose when it comes into contact with water, you have to install your bamboo fence with a few inches of space from the ground.

4. You may also choose to install your bamboo fence over an existing chain or wooden fence on your yard for easier installation. For this, you can simply staple your rolls of bamboo onto the fence.

Bamboo fences are a great way to landscape your garden and should be considered as a cheap alternative to regular fencing.

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