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Metal Or Wooden Arbor - Landscapers

An arbor is a classy, elegant touch to any landscape. This popular garden structure has been used by many for aesthetic purposes. Because they are so common, they come in a myriad of styles and can be made out of metal, wood, or even vinyl.

Deciding whether you want a metal or wooden arbor simply boils down to personal taste. While both of these types of arbors come with advantages and disadvantages, neither are heavy enough where they should sway your decision.

Maybe these insights could help you decide whether to go with a metal or wooden arbor.

Wooden Arbors

– These bring with them a more natural feel that tends to mesh better with many landscapes.

– Some might argue that wooden arbors do not hold up as long as metal arbors. This depends on the quality of the arbor. A well-constructed wooden arbor can last just as long as its metal counterpart.

– You can purchase or build an arbor out of a variety of woods. Some wood has more distinct color than others. You can always paint the arbor, too.

Metal Arbors

– These also carry with them a rustic feel that fit well with certain landscape designs and motifs.

– Detractors will tell you that metal arbors will rust, making them the inferior option. This only happens if you do not properly maintain your arbor. You can apply primer and paint to a metal arbor, which will avoid this common pitfall.

– Metal arbors come in many ornate designs, which provides you with a number of options.

Do not put too much thought into a metal or wooden arbor. Simply go with your gut and choose what works best for your landscape. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Get An Arbor For Your Landscape

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