How to Change Sway Bar Towing Links

How to Change Sway Bar Towing Links - Towing

Sway Bar Towing

A sway bar or stabilizer bar reduces the roll of the body of a vehicle during fast cornering or over irregularities in the road. It connects opposite wheels using a lever arm, and the arms are linked by a tension spring. The sway bar roll increases stiffness of the suspension. The sway bar reduces the sway of the vehicle against turns on sharp corners, making it safer for the passengers.

This is very important, especially in towing vehicles. When the sway bar is removed, the vehicle can tilt from the road by larger distances, presenting a safety hazard. During a fast turn, a common occurrence is for the vehicle to rely on the outer wheel when the sway bar is absent. When it is present, the sway bar will bring the other wheel closer to the outer wheel, thus stabilizing the vehicle. For safety reasons, sway bar towing should always be used when towing. This would decrease the torsion when turning sharply in corners.

How to Change Sway Bar Towing Links

1. First, make the wheel lug nuts looser. Do not remove them, only make them slightly looser.

2. Use a hydraulic lift to lift the car. You will need this jack to lift the suspension arm of the car. The tension on the link is relieved and the suspension is compressed.

3. Then, remove the wheels and the lug nuts.

4. Next, you have to identify the bad link.

5. Once the bad link is identified, remove the nut connecting the sway bar link to the sway bar.

6. Install the new link to the sway bar.

7. Re-tighten the lug nuts.

8. After this, you need to have the bushings tightened.

9. Lastly, you need to replace the wheels and lug nuts.

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