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Most homeowners are willing to pay the right price for first-hand electronics, based on cutting-edge technology and designed to stand the test of time. However, the overwhelming plentitude of brands launching thousands of similar products serving the same purpose often confuses potential buyers and makes them indecisive.

When it comes to purchasing a fantastic television, what are the best alternatives at hand? Keep reading to discover the most accurate answer to your LCD TV vs LED TV dilemma and learn how to spot the most competent TV repair experts in your zip code.


Millions of homeowners spend a lot of time trying to analyze the pros and cons of both LCD and LED TVs. Do your homework before making a purchase to avoid disappointment and unpleasant surprises.

LED TVs are very popular due to their energy-efficiency, great display, amazing contrasts, thinner panels, and reduced heat dissipation, when compared to their LCD competitors. LED TVs get bonus points for their light-emitting diodes technology. The main difference between LCD and LED TVs is represented by the way in which the display is being illuminated.

From this perspective, LCDs rely on CCFLs (cathode fluorescent lights), while LEDs count on light-emitting diodes to illuminate the TV screen. At this point in time, LED technology is increasingly popular, while the CCFLs option is usually taken into consideration mostly by people who are trying to find a quality HDTV on a relatively tight budget.

Finding the best option for your home

When it comes to buying an HDTV, make sure to take into consideration all of the factors that truly matter to you, since such a sophisticated product represents a long-term investment for most homeowners.

Judge all products by screen size, power consumption, cost, thickness, reliability, and life span. Remember that LED-lit TVs are much thinner than their CCFL counterparts (most LED televisions display a thickness of less than 1 inch) and require much less energy than plasma TVs. In terms of costs, LCDs are much cheaper than LED TVs. If you want to purchase an HDTV with an increased lifespan, opt for an LED TV guaranteeing around 100,000 hours of flawless functionality.

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