How to Care for Rodents

How to Care for Rodents - Veterinarians


Mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, and hamsters are all rodents. How to care for rodents is relatively simple. These rodents are inexpensive, and caring for them is inexpensive as well. Rodents are found easily in pet stores, but it is recommended that you buy from breeders instead of pet stores to avoid rodents that bite. Additionally, breeders will often have more color varieties that will suit your liking. Rodents are warm-blooded animals and are often fluffy. They are a popular favorites of children because they are usually tame and their temperaments are predictable.


The most popular food for rodents is pellets that can be purchased in pet stores. Feed your rodents once a day and remove any uneaten food the next day. Supplement their diet with fresh food like carrots, cabbages, and other vegetables every day. Be careful not to overfeed them with vegetables, however, or else they may develop diarrhea.


Cages are the most popular housing available. However, make sure the cages have a solid bottom on which the rodents can stand, because all-wire housing will be painful on their legs. Houses that are too small will be inadequate, too. Aquariums are also a good choice. Place a wire lid over the aquarium for good ventilation.


Make sure fresh water is always available. Water should be given in drip bottles with balls at the end. Change the water daily to make sure it is always fresh. Clean the water bottle at least once a week.


Wood shavings are the preferable bedding for the rodents. These can be bought cheaply at pet stores. Change the bedding once every two weeks.

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