Auto AC Heating Repair and Maintenance

Auto AC Heating Repair and Maintenance - Auto Repair

When you’re out driving in the concrete jungle on a hot day, nothing beats the cool comfort of chilled air blasting from your car’s A/C system. But did you know that the cold air coming from the vent originates as hot air? A complex process is involved in removing the heat. This method of generating conditioned air for your car involves several components that must all be in good condition, especially if you want to avoid paying out for auto AC heating repair.

Auto AC components, such as seals and fittings do wear and can even become loose over time. This eventually leads to refrigerant leakage, which affects the comfort inside the car and may also cause damage to other auto-components such as the evaporator or compressor. You can save money and time on auto AC heating repair by detecting issues early on.

Regularly checking your car and scheduling it for maintenance is a great way to extend the life of your car’s engine and its components to avoid unnecessary auto AC heating repair. A proper cooling system inspection involves the following:

1.      Check if the water pump is in working condition.

2.      Inspect the radiator for leaks or corrosion.

3.      Ensure there is adequate coolant. Remember, NEVER remove or open the pressure cap while the engine is still hot.

4.      Check for any leaks in the hoses and connections. Tighten any loose clamps.

5.      Look at the condition of the radiator’s pressure cap. If the rubber gasket is already damaged, replace it.

6.      If the engine gets too cool, you probably have a faulty thermostat that may need replacing.

7.      Look at the condition of the hoses. Replace any hose with cracks or other signs of deterioration.

8.      Check heater hoses and make sure they are not leaking or cracked and that there’s no rotting rubber. Faulty clamps should be replaced.

9.      Inspect belts for any tension or wear. Usually they last up to seven years. Cracked or frayed belts need to be replaced.

If you notice your car’s air conditioning is not as effective as it used to be, that’s a straightforward sign that you should have it inspected. Your car may well be low on Freon, which is a good indicator that something’s wrong with the system. The problem may just be a small leak or you could need serious auto AC heating repair.

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