Types of Wood for Cabinets

Types of Wood for Cabinets - Handyman

Modern, tasteful, durable wood cabinets can beautify even the dullest indoor spaces, adding value to your house and reflecting your unique sense of style. These days, one could easily find various types of wood for cabinets, displaying different features and different price tags. Which type is best for you? Decide based on your aesthetic requirements, real necessities, demands, and financial possibilities.

Identifying the Most Appealing Types of Wood for Cabinets

With so many appealing alternatives, how could you possibly make an inspired choice? Discuss your option with a handyman and analyze different color and grain variations. Red oak, red birch, maple, walnut, alder, and cherry are only a few options worth considering if you want to take pride in durable, high-quality, rustic, or sophisticated cabinets giving a personal touch to your room.

Designing the Perfect Cabinets for Your Home

If you want to design your very own cabinets, make sure you opt for those particular types of wood that are inexpensive, widely accessible, extremely strong, and durable. If you love golden tones, don’t hesitate to go in favor of a cabinet made from white oak.

Conversely, red oak could be the best kind of wood for your project, due to its affordability and remarkable versatility. It is available in different finishes and styles.

Cherry is ideal for elegant, traditional cabinets. This wood is well liked for its beautiful reddish-brown color, and it is usually stained to obtain a uniform color.

Pine cabinets are the perfect option for you if you adore the discreet shades of pale yellow of this type of wood and its numerous knots, making it perfect for rustic decors.

Count on an Expert Opinion

Undoubtedly, finding the most amazing types of wood for cabinets can be confusing and time-consuming. Narrow your search by counting on expert advice from an experienced local handyman. Find the best ones by relying on TalkLocal, a free service launched to make finding the right professional quick and easy.

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