Dirty Fireplace Hazards

Dirty Fireplace Hazards - Maid Services

These days, homeowners have the chance to invest in extremely beautiful, modern, durable fireplaces manufactured using a wide range of premium materials, including cast iron, granite, sandstone, and marble. Before purchasing such a product, you should be fully aware of the fact that all types of fireplaces require a mandatory maintenance routine. Homeowners who, for some reason or another, fail to clean their fireplaces properly expose themselves to significant safety risks. Keep reading to discover useful information on dirty fireplace hazards and tips on how to prevent them.

Things You Should Know About Dirty Fireplace Hazards

Recent studies indicate that approximately 36% of all home fires are triggered by a defective heat source, including chimneys. When wood is burned in your fireplace, it gradually turns into ash. Creosote buildups usually appear on both sides of your chimney, especially when you burn unseasoned wood or low-quality logs.

In such cases, you have to remove these highly flammable buildups on your own, or by relying on professional maid services, to avoid dirty fireplace hazards. In order to prevent home fires, you have to keep your fireplace clean and dust-, dirt- and debris-free at all times.

Another common risk factor responsible for many fire deaths is carbon monoxide, also known as “the silent killer.” Large objects that might land inside your chimney or a significant amount of debris could easily block it, redirecting the fumes inside your home instead of releasing them outside. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious threat that could be easily annihilated by simply cleaning your chimney regularly and eliminating potential blockages impacting its functionality.

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To avoid dirty fireplace hazards, it is highly recommended that you keep your chimney and your fireplace clean and address potential problems in a timely manner. When in doubt, it is advisable to rely on expert guidance ensured by a trustworthy provider of premium maid services. Find the best ones with help from TalkLocal, a free service introduced to put you in contact with respectable professionals from different sectors, working around the clock to keep you satisfied.

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