Gas Mileage Using Snow Tires

Gas Mileage Using Snow Tires - Snow Removal

All drivers have one thing in common: they want to apply a few simple, working tips, enabling them to improve fuel mileage. If you want to save a significant amount of money, start by opting for a set of fuel-efficient tires.

You might be wondering: is there a real connection between the tires on my vehicle and considerable fuel savings? Could I really obtain a decent gas mileage using snow tires? Keep reading to find out.

How the Cold Season Impacts Your Gas Mileage

Experienced drivers are fully aware of the fact that the cold season is burning deep holes in their pockets. During winter, many drivers are bothered by a less than satisfactory gas mileage compared to the values recorded during the warmer seasons.

Low temperatures are the main factor responsible for this decline, impacting battery performance and favoring low tire pressure. Reduced vehicle aerodynamics, bad road conditions, weaker gasoline, frequent traffic jams, excessive idling, and winter tires are all important elements in lowering your gas mileage during the cold season.

How Snow Tires Affect Your Gas Mileage

Despite the fact that they serve the same purpose, not all tires are the same. If you are trying to estimate the value of your gas mileage using snow tires, you should know that an excellent gas mileage depends on two factors: adequate air pressure and proper tire construction.

Lower rolling resistance leads to improved gas mileage, simply because the engine of your car puts in less effort. On the other hand, maximum traction winter tires reduce gas mileage and make you spend more money on fuel. To save more than a few dollars during winter, opt for low resistant, high-quality tires coming from a respectable manufacturer.

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