DirecTV Remote Buttons Not Working

DirecTV Remote Buttons Not Working - TV Repair

Remote control issues are always frustrating and put our nerves and patience to the test every single time we are forced to handle them. If the buttons on your DirecTV remote control are unresponsive, you can either follow a few basic troubleshooting steps and try to solve this problem on your own, or you could contact a TV repair expert and save time, money, and a lot of energy in the process.

The Basic Troubleshooting Steps

DirecTV remote buttons not working? In some cases, you may actually manage to fix this problem without any help from an expert.

1. Start by gently cleaning your receiver and the upper side of your remote control with a soft, dry cloth.

2. Still bothered by the same problem? If so, all you have to do is to reset the remote and restore its default settings. Take the batteries out then simply press the #1 button on the remote for ten seconds.

3. Afterwards, push the select and mute buttons simultaneously. A green light should flash twice.

4. After completing this phase, press 9,8,1 and wait for the green light to flash 4 times in a row.

If you’ve followed all the instructions and you still haven’t managed to see the green light flash, this means that you may need to get a brand new DirecTV remote control.

Troubleshoot Your Remote by Contacting a DirecTV Agent

If you opted for DirecTV’s Protection Plan, feel free to call and troubleshot the remote over the phone with help from an agent. If the problem persists, DirecTV will offer you a new, cost-free remote, as long as you benefit from the extended guarantee the company offers. Otherwise you will have to invest to purchase a new remote control. You can purchase a new DirecTV remote from Amazon and have it shipped overnight starting at $5.99.

Ask an Expert

DirecTV remote buttons not working still? Take the easy way out and contact a TV repair expert. Identify the best ones with TalkLocal, a free service to help you meet skilled, trustworthy professionals offering affordable services in you area, when you need them most.

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