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Sound Settings HDTV - TV Repair

Seduced by the remarkable advantages of cutting-edge technology, millions of homeowners choose to experience the wide range of advantages provided by HDTV. From top levels of energy-efficiency to amazing contrasts, better display, and a memorable, totally relaxing TV viewing experience, HDTV offers you all of this and more.

But how exactly could you master the amazing features of these sophisticated products? Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your new purchase by simply relying on the adequate sound settings HDTV.

Opt for surround sound

First of all, go in favor of dedicated speakers, enabling you to significantly improve the sound on your new TV. While flat panels become less and less thick and bezels start getting smaller, the new generation of HDTVs might not have the necessary space to offer you more than rudimentary sound.

So what’s the best option at hand in this particular situation? You could choose to buy and install a surround-sound system. If this alternative does not raise your enthusiasm, opt for a sound bar, ensuring a fast, trouble-free connection while bringing you amazing sound and flawless leisure experiences.

Place the speakers in the correct position

Are you still far away from the best sound settings HDTV? You might be surprised to find out that, in some cases, even the greatest HDTVs and additional equipment can still fail to provide awesome sound simply because you did not place the speakers in the right position.

If you own and operate a 5.1 system, place your center channel above or under the HDTV; right and left channels go on either side of the screen, while your surround speakers should be carefully placed (preferably symmetrically) on the right side and left side of your seating area, at the users’ ear level, for extraordinary results.

Next, all you need to do is connect your speakers to the receiver and invest a little time in the much-needed calibration routine, to enable the receiver to adjust potential sound imbalances.

Learn how to wire your rear surround speakers

According to a survey published by Best Buy, almost 50% of the people who invest in a home theater in a box system (HTIB) never actually manage to connect their rear speakers, mostly because they are cable-shy or simply lack the patience required to complete this assignment. In this case, wireless surround speakers or surround bars are the perfect substitutes, guaranteeing great sound and lots of quality time spent in front of your new TV.

Ask an expert

If you’re trying to optimize the current sound of your HDTV, rest at ease knowing that there are numerous experts who could provide the best answer to your problem. Rely on TalkLocal, your top source of information, to find respectable TV repair specialists and make the most of your HDTV for many years to come.

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