How to Install Surround Sound System to TV

How to Install Surround Sound System to TV - TV Repair

Want movie-quality sound in your own living room? The a surround sound system is for you. Surround sound speakers can engross you in a film, just like movie theater speakers do.  Installation of surround sound is actually quite easy. Here is a list of how to install surround sound system to TV.

How to Install Surround Sound System to TV

1. Remove the speakers from their packaging and identify the types of speakers. A usual surround speaker system has a sub-woofer, a center speaker, two front speakers, and two rear speakers. It will also come with a receiver, which is the hub that connects all of the speakers to the television.

2. Unplug any wiring on your TV to prevent any accidental electrical shocks. This includes the television, DVD or Blu-Ray players, cable or satellite boxes, or game consoles.

3. Remove the protective caps from the wiring on the surround sound speakers.

4. Connect the colored wires to their matching terminal on the back of the receiver.

5. Attach the other end of wire to the corresponding terminal on the speaker.

6. Connect the receiver to TV.

7. Place the center speaker either above or below the TV. Placement of this speaker mostly depends on your TV cabinet, but the receiver must be close enough to the TV that it can be connected.

8. Place the sub-woofer on the ground. If you only have one sub-woofer, center it with the television and main seating area. For two sub-woofers, angle them from the sides of the TV towards the center of the seating area. Don’t place the sub-woofer in the corner, as this will muddy up the sound. You want the sound to be as evenly distributed to as many seats in your living room as possible. Don’t connect subwoofer to A/V receiver with speaker cables.

9. Have the front and rear speakers at ear level, based on the seating area. Each front speaker can be placed on either side of the center speaker, positioned towards the audience. Each rear speaker can be placed on either side of the seating area, or slightly behind, angled towards the center of the TV.

10. Adjust your surround speaker system to find optimal sound. You want general sounds like speaking to be evenly distributed throughout the room. Deeper, louder sounds from the sub-woofer should be felt and heard, without drowning out softer sounds. Gradually turn up the sub-woofer’s volume to find its balance with the mid-range and treble.

11. Hide and secure wires along the floor or walls to avoid tripping on them.

12. Don’t assume that surround sound will be “surrounding” all the time. Watch some action movies to hear the surround sound at its best.

Bring In the Professionals

If you feel that installing a surround sound system is too much work, you can always hire a professional to install the speakers for you. For professional installation use TalkLocal. Just tell us what you need, where you are, and when you’re available, and we will connect you with the right professionals in your area.

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