Toshiba TV Power Button Not Working

Toshiba TV Power Button Not Working - TV Repair

What can you do when your TV set decides to go on strike and its power button suddenly stops working properly? In this context, you could choose to handle this problem on your own, by relying on instructional tutorials available online, or you could go in favor of a professional fix, ensured by a competent TV repair specialist.

Toshiba TV power button not working?

1. Assuming that you have enough time, patience, and experience to solve your problem on your own, start by unplugging your TV and turning it around on a clean, flat surface.

2. Gently remove its back cover and take a look inside.

3. You should be able to identify the power switch. The mechanism is quite simple: a fully functional button has to push a plastic plate linked to the power switch.

4. If and when the plate is broken, the whole system is compromised. In fact, this could be the main reason why your power button doesn’t function properly.

5. Fix the problem by placing a small amount of epoxy on the plastic clip and gluing this tiny piece to the switch.

6. Wait a few minutes, then put the cover back, turn on the TV, and evaluate the result of your DIY repair project.

Why Rely on Professional Services?

Toshiba TV power button not working? You have no reason to worry! This is a common problem experienced by numerous people who own Toshiba TV sets. You should know that first-class repair services, ensured by experienced technicians, could help you save a lot of time and money while eliminating those annoying power button issues that give you such a hard time.

Ask for Help

Not all people have what it takes to fix their TV sets on their own. If you can’t identify and address a wide range of technical problems that stop your television from working properly, it is highly recommended to contact a TV repair specialist who operates in your area. Spot the best ones by relying on TalkLocal, a free service introduced to help you meet dependable, hardworking professionals who live and work in your city.

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