Storm Window Repair

Storm Window Repair - Window Replacement

Numerous homeowners choose to invest in durable storm windows for a number of reasons. First of all, they are cheaper than most replacement windows. Secondly, they manage to block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays from coming into your home.

Moreover, they require little maintenance, look good, and wear well for more than half a century. Storm windows also reduce exterior noise levels and minimize heat loss. When it comes to making a storm window repair, DIY projects and professional services are two viable options to get it done on time and on a budget.

Performing a DIY Storm Window Repair

You only need moderate DIY skills and a basic set of tools to carry out a basic storm window repair on your own. For example, if you are faced at some point with loose windows making a rattling noise. This problem can be easily addressed, by simply removing your old window clips or turn buttons. Fill the empty space with high-quality wood putty, wait a few minutes and then reinstall the clips with a screwdriver.

Furthermore, many people complain about the fact that the glass surface of their storm windows has deteriorated. This is a major problem that impacts your level of comfort and lowers the energy-efficiency of your home.

If you want a quick fix, make sure the glazier’s points, those tiny nails located around the sheet of glass, are still in place.  Next, replace the damaged glazing using a brand-new, high-quality glazing compound, which should be evenly distributed on the entire surface with a putty knife.

Rely on an Expert

If your storm windows are old and have deteriorated, a quick fix might not be the most suitable option. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced window replacement specialist, offering you affordable services, inspections, maintenance programs, and up-front estimates over the phone.

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