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Gas Heating Installation - Heating and Cooling

Gas heating installation is not an easy task. It requires careful planning and execution of some steps that are really not suitable for the DIY enthusiast. It is a possibility that you can do much of the task yourself, such as choosing the radiators and boiler, cutting the pipes and laying them down and the installation of the control system. However, you will need an expert’s help in connecting the gas supply to the boiler. Heating systems for homes often need the help of a professional to be installed properly.

1. Choose the right size of heating equipment for your home.

If it is too small, it won’t provide adequate heat. A heating system that is too big will end up costing you a lot in energy bills due to heat loss.

Choose radiators that are the right type for your home. The best types of radiators have fins that distribute heat into room. Try to find a control system that’s easy to operate and has clear instructions. Make sure that the gas boiler is of the right capacity for your home.

2. Design the type of heating system that you want and buy the necessary supplies.

Create a map based on a blueprint of your home. This map should show the required layout of the heating system. Then, purchase the necessary supplies to perform the gas heating installation.

3. Put the radiators in place.

Place them about 4-6 inches above the floor to allow room for the valves, and also the pipes to be put in place.

4. Run the pipes between the faucets, the radiators, and the boilers

Make sure to install these properly to prevent any leaks.

5. Install the system of control.

6. Contact a professional.

You will need a professional’s help in connecting your gas heating installation to the mains gas supply.

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