Spackle Corner Tips and Techniques

Spackle Corner Tips and Techniques - Painters

Spackling paste or “mud” is putty that is used to cover holes, cracks, joints, and other surface defects in drywall. While you will only need basic tools such as putty knife to apply spackling paste, having the right skills is necessary to smooth out the putty to get a nice even finish. It’s even more difficult to spackle the outside and inside corners of a wall. These spackle corner tips should help you get the job done right.

For Outside Corners

You should work to finish these corners in three coats with the initial coat being the heaviest. Apply the spackling paste with an 8-inch putty knife, carefully filling in and concealing the space between the corner bead and the wall. One edge of the putty knife should be positioned on the corner bead while the other end is over the wall.

Use a 10-inch putty knife for the second layer of putty. Finish the last layer by using a 12-inch knife to smooth out the edges until they are no longer visible.

For Inside Corners

Spackle corner techniques for inside corners are more complicated since they also include the seam that connects the wall and the ceiling.

1. To begin, apply spackling paste thickly using an 8-inch knife.

2. Use an inside corner tool to smooth out the corner right away. The tool is specially designed to finish 90 degree inside corners, so you would want to have this on hand when you do the job.

3. Still using the tool, make long strokes as you work your way from the top going down.

4. Concentrate on the corner when you apply the first coat. You want the corner joint to be covered up and finished on the first application. If this is not the case, apply more coats, but be sure to lightly sand the edges of the coat before putting on another.

5. Add more putty to each corner edge, feathering the paste out to make the edges unnoticeable.

6. Continue coating and sanding the joints until the edges are no longer visible.

Need Drywall Help?

With these spackle corner tips, the right tools, and proper painting, any imperfections in the corners of your drywall will disappear. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts would most likely love the challenge of this task. If you’re not a DIY person, don’t fret. We know who to call. Use TalkLocal now and speak with painting professionals in your area in just minutes.

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