Someone is in My Parking Space

Someone is in My Parking Space - Towing

You come home after a long day spent at the office and you suddenly realize that someone else’s car is occupying your parking space. You might be wondering: what do I do when someone is in my parking space? How could I possibly solve this problem in a civilized, legal manner and how could I prevent such unpleasant situations in the future? Keep reading to find out.

Contact the Owner of the Vehicle Parked in Your Space

All drivers hate the idea of finding another car parked in their spot. Most of them complain about the fact that every single time they leave town for a couple of days, a neighbor jumps in their spot without being invited to do so.

What’s the simplest method to discourage this type of rude behavior? You could start by talking to the owners of the vehicles parked in your space and let them know that their actions bother you.

If plan A doesn’t work, switch to plan B, and don’t forget to call a towing expert if you have any additional questions.

PLan B: Take this Matter into Your Own Hands

Someone is in my parking space. What do I do? Want to hear more about plan B? If your neighbors choose to defy your authority and keep parking their cars in your allocated parking spot, then you should start taking action right away.

You have various options at hand: you could have their car towed and make them pay the price for their rude behavior. Getting a vehicle towed off your property is easy and shouldn’t cause you any trouble. You could start by calling the police and telling them the whole story.

Of course, you could always choose to embrace the DIY approach and tow the car parked on your designated spot, using a long, highly resistant rope. However, it is not recommended to move the car on your own, since you could easily damage it and expose yourself to a long list of repercussions.

Solve this problem in a timely, risk-free manner, by contacting a reputable towing company. If you want to prevent such delicate situations in the long term, consider investing in bollards and lockable parking posts, which will cost you less than $100.

Contact a Towing Expert

Instead of trying to move the car of your rude neighbor on your own, opt for the safest solution and contact a towing expert to avoid lots of drama and unplanned expenses. Find the best one in your area with help from TalkLocal, your trusted connection to first-class professionals who live and work in your area.

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