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Carpet Steam Cleaning Services - Carpet Cleaners

These days, homeowners can choose from a great variety of methods to wash their carpets. Obviously, they are looking for a cheap, reliable solution that enables them to keep their carpets looking like new for the longest period of time. Are carpet steam cleaning services a great alternative at hand? Keep reading to find out.

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction?

Only a limited number of people are fully aware of the fact that steam cleaning and hot water extraction are actually two different ways to clean carpets. The main difference in this case is the temperature of the water utilized during the cleaning process.

Steam cleaning requires water with a temperature over 212 degrees Fahrenheit, while the second method relies on water with a temperature below this value. So which method is better?

The Pros and Cons of Steam Cleaning

Unfortunately, carpet steam cleaning services have one major disadvantage: this cleaning method can set difficult stains permanently.

However, steam cleaning also has a several tempting advantages, especially if the process is conducted by experienced specialists. Steam cleaning:

– Usually provides great results, because it doesn’t involve the presence of high amounts of detergent residues; these tiny compounds attract dirt particles like a magnet and force you to repeat the cleaning process sooner than expected.

– Does not pose any health risks, since it doesn’t expose owners to any potentially dangerous or volatile chemical elements.

Usually, carpets made of natural fibers require hot water extraction, while steam cleaning is recommended mostly for synthetic carpets.

Looking for an Expert?

Cleaning your carpets at home can be a tiresome chore. Focus your entire attention on more important assignments, and discover the benefits of first-class carpet steam cleaning services. Use TalkLocal to identify the most respectable carpet cleaners in your area, fast and with minimal effort.


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