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Green Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaners

Millions of homeowners worldwide choose to rely on a green carpet cleaning method to protect the environment. These days, aggressive chemical cleaners can be successfully replaced with milder, yet incredibly effective cleaning agents that make your carpets softer, do not damage them in any way, and do not trigger any health risks and environmental problems.

Learn to avoid Potentially Dangerous Cleaning agents that Put Your Health on the Line

Did you know that some of the most common carpet cleaning chemical compounds, like perchloroethylene and naphthalene, for instance, could expose you to numerous health threats?

Naphthalene is considered a potentially carcinogenic solvent, and many homeowners reported nausea and dizziness after using it to clean their carpets.

Discover the Advantages of Plant-Based Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Harsh chemicals used to wipe dirt off carpets can cause rashes, allergies, respiratory problems, and even much more serious health concerns, like cancer, for instance. Luckily, there are many effective, plant-based, green carpet cleaning products that live up to our highest expectations.

Also, there are two other alternative carpet cleaning methods worth considering:  steam cleaning, suitable for synthetic carpets, and hot water extraction, which is perfect for natural fibers. They do not pose any health threats and can remove stains and dirt particles quickly and effectively.

Simple, Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly Spot Maintenance Can Help You Save Time and Money

Did you know that regular, time-efficient spot maintenance could help you save a considerable amount of money? Just follow five simple steps:

1) Vacuum your carpet.

2) Identify potential spots.

3) Apply an all-natural cleaning agent on the spot, and distribute it evenly with a sponge.

4) Rinse the whole surface with clean, cold water.

5) Let it dry.

Note that:

– Salt can eliminate the most stubborn dirt particles, mud, and also red wine stains

– Club soda is a trustworthy ally that enables you to get rid of coffee stains

– Cornmeal is suitable for surfaces that display grease stains

Need More Help?

With so many appealing, all-natural, green carpet cleaning options at hand, it shouldn’t be very difficult to choose the most convenient one for you. If you want to experience the benefits of professional carpet cleaning services, find the best specialists in this line of work with TalkLocal. We will connect you with the right professional sin your area in just minutes.


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